• Scientific Committee Meeting, Paris Dec 14th, 2016

    The first scientific meeting of the Mecano network will take place at Mines Paris Tech, on December 14th, 2016.


    • Report on 2016 Activities:

    -Signature of GDRi consortium agreement

    -EDS 2016 conference (passed), other related conferences (GRC Thin Films, Dislocations,...)



    • Planning for 2017:

    -MRS Fall 2017 Symposium on small-scale mechanical behavior (Greer, Schwaiger, Mordehai, Legros- approved) - invited speakers suggestion, financial help for students

    -MicroLaue workshop (Grenoble, Jean-Sebastien Micha)

    -Potential common meeting/workshop  with GDR Rex  (Recrystallization Group -Maurine Montagnat) and i-stress network  (Marco


    -Mecano general meetings dates (May -June 2017, Toulouse)


    • Publishing of a special issue of “Comptes-Rendus de Physique” (Elsevier) about the

    mechanics of nano-objects - offer by Denis Gratias (after the 2018 school ?)

    We should take care of not letting aside important research

    • Potential new members 

    • Other topics (to be implemented)


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