• A (second) post-doctoral position is available at Institut PPrime in Poitiers (France) to study the mechanical behavior of small crystal using cutting-edges X-ray diffraction techniques (.

    Good knowledge of XRay diffraction, mechanical and nanomechanical testing as well as programming skills are expected. See details below

    Contact: Prof. Ludovic Thilly, ludovic.thilly@univ-poitiers.fr

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  • A one year post-doctoral position is available at EPFL in the Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites (LPAC).

    The goal is to analyze the mechanical integrity of diffusion barriers in multi-layered thin films for biomedical and microelectronics applications. Details can be found below.

    Contact : Yves Leterrier



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    A post-doctoral position is available at Institut PPrime in Poitiers (France) to study the mechanical behaviour of Al/Al-Cu-Fe interfaces.

    Good knowledge of mechanical and nanomechanical testing is seeked. See details below

    Contacts: anne.joulain@univ-poitiers.fr, joel.bonneville@univ-poitiers.fr 

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    A postdoctoral position is available from Dec 2016 to Nov 2017 (12 months) at the CEA-Grenoble & BM32 synchrotron french beamline at ESRF 


    The work will focus on participating to the commissioning of 3D μLaue instrumentation (wires holder and rapid 2D detector), and setting up the software tools for the analysis of 3D data collected at a faster pace from the existing established algorithms. 

    Contact: Jean-Sébastien MICHA (micha@esrf.fr)


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    A Postdoctoral researcher (m/f)  position is available for “Building a electromagnetomechanical Finite Element Model (FEM) of compositesstarting Nov. 1st 2016. Position available at MaxPlanckInstitut für Eisenforschung GmbH in the department “Structure and Nano/Micromechanics of materials” that is focusing on fundamental mechanisms governing plasticity, fracture and fatigue at the micron scale. 

    The work will focuses on modelling of a composite material which can switch its strength by an external stimulus. The successful candidate will join an internationally recognized team of young scientists involved in the field of micromechanics of materials.

    Highly motivated candidates holding a PhD in materials science, mechanics or physics and experience in FEM modelling are encouraged to apply. Excellent command of written and spoken English is mandatory. We emphasize teamwork, promote and demand international projects and conferences.

    Please send your applications exclusively via email to bewerbungskennziff.4013@mpie.de Further information is provided at www.mpie.de 

    More details in the document below



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