• A 12 months post-doctoral position is available in SIMaP in partnership with Institut Néel in Grenoble.

    Title: "Optimal compositions for Multicaloric materials: ferromagnetic memory shape alloys (NiMnXY)"

    Project: The project aims at developping new compositions for ferromagnetic shape memory alloys with multifunctional properties enabling new energy conversion process (mechanical / magnetic). These materials target energy reduction scheme for cooling devices (multicaloric properties (magneto/elasto)). Heusler based alloys NiMn(InX, X=Co, Cu, Fe...) exhibit exceptional properties, including the absence of rare earth elements. Multicaloric effects and the phase transition temperature (close to room temperature) are very sensitive to alloy composition. Dissipation during hysteresis cycle have to be decreased. These dissipations are due to structural effects allowing lattice strain accomodation between the phases during the (austenite-martensitic) transformation. Moreover, intermetallic NiMnXY phases are very fragile (grain boundary decohesion) and difficult to shape (lack of crystal plasticity and strong anisotropy of properties).

    Please send Curriculum and recommandation letters to:

    Marc VERDIER : marc.verdier@grenoble-inp.fr - SIMaP

    Laureline PORCAR : laureline.porcar@neel.cnrs.fr - Institut Néel

    More information can be found in the document below : (Fr & En)

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  • Title: "Fatigue damage in titanium alloy. Experimental Characterisation and Modelling."

    A post-doctoral position (18 month) is available in CIRIMAT Toulouse, in a collaborative framework with SAFRAN Nacelles. This position is related to a PhD study conducted in CIRIMAT on the evolution of microstructure and mechanical behaviour of a titanium alloy after ageing at high temperature under air.


    The project for this post doctoral position aims to better understand and predict fatigue damage after ageing. Damage mechanisms in this Ti alloy will be first studied through a literature survey and by the analysis of fatigue tests results already performed in the laboratory (analysis of fatigue curves, characterisation of ruptured specimens, complementary fatigue tests is necessary)and in the industrial partner. A predictive numerical model for the evolution of fatigue damage depending on ageing conditions will then be developed. This model, based on observed mechanisms, will be calibrated using experimental available in Safran data bases.

    Position is already open, send Curriculum and recommandation letters to:

    Bernard Viguier - Bernard.viguier@ensiacet.fr - CIRIMAT

    Anne Mahieu - anne.mahieu@safrangroup.com - Safran Nacelles

    More information on requirements and subject are available in the document (Fr and En) below :


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  • The Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Petten is looking for a Post-doc (24 months):

    Subject: "Exploratory Research Project Novel Micromechanical Testing Methods for the Characterization of Nuclear Materials/μMech."


    The main activity concerns the development of novel micromechanical tests based on the in-situ deformation of metallic membranes produced by microfabrication techniques. The aim of the project is to develop a new methodology, including sample preparation, measurement procedures and data treatment and analysis, for mechanical testing of structural materials for nuclear applications.

    The candidate will be in charge of performing micromechanical testing ex-situ (using a nanoindentation set-up) and in-situ (inside a SEM). As well, he/she will be responsible for post-test examinations by electron microscopy, analysing the data and reporting.


    The deadline for applications is 07 September 2018 and the link to apply is here:  http://recruitment.jrc.ec.europa.eu/?site=PTT&type=AX

    More information are available in the following document: « CA_Petten_2018.pdf »

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  • The material department of UCSB is looking for:

    - Microscopy & Microanalysis Facility Manager:

    General descritpion:

    Responsible for the training, maintenance, operation and research in focused ion beam, atomic force microscopes and other advanced microscope. Responsible for management of the microscopy and microanalysis facility which serves more than 300 users annually and over 40 faculty research groups.

    Skill and experience:

    PhD or higher level degree preferred. Strong background in research microscopy working in higher education. High level of expertise in two of the following and basic familiarity of the others: Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy. Ability to manage a very busy facility and maintain high end research equipment and provide feedback and training to users on microscopy and microanalysis. BA/BS Required, PhD or higher level degree preferred. 

    More information about application and job description can be found here: jobs.ucsb.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=192430

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  • The PMMH (Physics and Mechanics of Heterogeneous Media) is looking for a postdoc:

    Subject: "Multi-scale Modeling of Plasticity in Amorphous Solids."


    The hired postdoc will be part of a multi-scale research project focused on the mechanical properties ofamorphous materials. Project efforts will focus on the characterization and modeling at mesoscopic and/or continuous scales, via numerical and theoretical approaches, depending of the background of the candidate. Using a coarse-grained approach, we will derive a constitutive law in the continuum mechanics framework, in accordance with the results harvested at atomic scales. A sustained dialogue with the other members of the group studying atomic level mechanics is therefore strongly desired to make the different approaches on different scales “feed” each other, the multi-scale aspect being a key point in this project.

    Desired skills and experience:

    Eligible candidates should hold a Ph.D degree in Solid State Physics, Mechanics, Materials Science or a closely related discipline, with expertise/experience in simulations of mechanical systems and good skills in programming (e.g. FORTRAN, C, Python etc.). An experience in molecular dynamics, in finite element method or in solid mechanics modeling is considered as a plus.


    Application in English must be submitted electronically by sending an email with “Apply for ANR JCJC postdoc” as a subject to sylvain.patinet@espci.fr. The application must include the following:

    - Complete curriculum vita.

    - Complete list of publications.

    - Description of current research and a cover letter.

    - Full contact information (name, address, telephone & email) of three professional referees who may be contacted for references.

    The appointment of postdoctoral fellow will be for 18 months. Starting data is envisage in September 2018, but this is flexible.

    More information are available in the following document: PostDoc_ESPCI_2018.pdf

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