• EMMC16 - S17: Coupled Experimental-numerical approaches in materials characterization, Nantes, France, 26-28 March 2018

    EMMC16 ( 16th European Mechanics of Materials Conference) aims at gathering researchers sharing a common interest in the field of mechanics of materials, yet working in a variety of application domains : material science, mechanical and civil engineering, but also biomechanics, geophysics, ...

    Session 17 focus on Coupled experimental-numerical approaches in Materials characterization  :

    To understand and predict the mechanical behavior of metallic materials, an in-depth understanding of the dominant mechanisms operating at different length scales is needed. This involves going from the atomic scale of dislocation cores to the nanometer and micrometer scales characteristic of the microstructure, all together responsible for the macroscopic mechanical behavior. Such widespread knowledge can only be gathered through a constant dialogue between experiments and simulations; dialogue, which has lately been promoted thanks to the development of advanced mechanical models and new experimental settings. In this session, the interplay between experimental observations and predictive models at the nano- and micron-scales is a central theme. We encourage contributions that directly couple experimental and numerical approaches at the same or different length scale.

    Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    • Micro and Meso deformation experiments and simulations
    • Dislocation mechanisms and their observations
    • Fracture mechanisms and related experiments
    • Micromechanical constitutive laws and their validation against experiments
    • Modeling and experimental observations of phase transformations

    This session is organized by Helena Van Swygenhoven (EPFL, Lausanne, Swiss) and David Rodney (UL, Lyon, France).

    Abstract submission deadline: September 30, 2017.

    More information are available to the following link : https://emmc16.sciencesconf.org/


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