• Three open PhD positions in the frame of ANR project “3D incipient Polycrystal Plasticity”

    Start date: September / October 2020
    Locations: Grenoble (ESRF), Poitiers (PPrime), Paris (Ecole des Mines)

    Understanding the deformation processes leading to the failure of polycrystalline structural materials is one of the key challenges in materials science. Significant progress has been achieved over the past decades, thanks to both cutting-edge experimental characterization techniques and computational methods. Still, the localization of plasticity in slip bands and the propagation of plasticity through a polycrystalline aggregate are not fully understood. The French ANR research project 3DiPolyPlast aims at improving our understanding of the multi-scale processes involved in plastic deformation by combining experimental observations with concomitant numerical simulation of strain localization. 3DiPolyPlast unites four leading research institutes covering the fields of X-ray characterization, electron microscopy and crystal plasticity modelling, respectively.

    Topic 1) “Experimental study of plastic strain localization in polycrystals by 3D synchrotron X-ray diffraction imaging techniques” (ESRF, Grenoble & MATEIS INSA Lyon, France)  - Contact: Wolfgang Ludwig - ludwig@esrf.fr

    Topic 2) Experimental study of plastic strain localization in polycrystals by electron microscopy- based techniques” (Institute Pprime, Poitiers, France) - Contact: ludovic.thilly@univ-poitiers.fr

    Topic 3) Simulation of plastic strain localization by Discrete Dislocation Dynamics and crystal plasticity (CdM, Ecole des Mines Paris, France)”  - Contact: henry.proudhon@mines-paristech.fr



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