• Symposium on Processes & Materials for Nanoelectronics - Euromat 2019, Stockholm, Sweden, September 1-5 2019

    The Symposium on Processes & Materials for Nanoelectronics within the framework of EUROMAT Conference (https://euromat2019.fems.eu/) will be held from 1-5 September 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

    The abstract submission deadline is on 31 January 2019. Abstract submission site: https://euromat2019.fems.eu/abstracts-submission/

    The aim is to create a forum for discussion of disruptive technologies and of more traditional ones. Along these lines the topics will include, but will not be limited, to the following:

    - Channel semiconductor materials: strained-Silicon, (strained-)Ge, SiGe alloys, GaN, III-V, 2-D materials

    - Materials for non-volatile memory devices: PCM, Oxides

    - Ferroelectrics and insulating materials

    - Magnetic materials for MTJ and related devices

    - Emerging novel processes: growth, fabrication, doping, stress

    - Advanced characterization techniques: composition, defects, dopants, stress

    - Materials and processing related to architecture: planar (Silicon-On-Insulator) vs 3D (multi-gate, nanowires)

    - Gate-stack materials for future switching devices 

    - Resistive RAM materials and devices

    - Materials, processing, and characterization for TFET, SET, SAT

    - Physical modelling of processes and devices

    The Symposium Organizers:

    Dimitris Tsoukalas (National Technical University of Athens) 

    Alain Claverie (CEMES/CNRS, Toulouse)

    Marco Fanciulli (University of Milano - Bicocca) 

    Mikael Östling (KTH Stockholm)

    For more information please visit:  https://euromat2019.fems.eu/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2018/10/C11-20181014.pdf

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