• The Institute of Metallurgy and Metal Physics (IMM) at RWTH Aachen University is looking for:

    Research Topic: "Grain boundary segregation in magnesium alloys and its role in microstructure and property control."

    Profil: An enthusiastic candidate with excellent background in materials physics, ideally with some experience in magnesium alloys, and:

    - a first degree (M.Sc. or equivalent) in Materials Science, Engineering or Physics

    - an interest in challenging research topics and experimental techniques

    - a very good command of English and German

    - very good communication skills and the ability to work in a team

    For further information or application, please contact Dr.-Ing. Talal Al-Samman, Tel. +49 (0) 241 80 26871, and email: alsamman@imm.rwth-aachen.de. 

    Applications accompanied by supporting documentation in English (Cover letter, CV, certificates, credentials, names and addresses of 2 references) should be submitted by February 23rd , 2018

    More information on the subject, your responsibilities and the contract offer are available in the document below:

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  • The "Nano- / Micromechanics" group in department "Structure and  Nano‐ / and Micromechanics of Materials“, is looking for a postdoctoral researcher (m/f) and a PhD student (m/f) :


    "Micro cantilever fracture testing of hard coatings with superior fracture properties"

    The work will be focused on in situ experiments applying advanced characterization methods like scanning electron microscopy, focused ion beam milling and high temperature micro fracture testing. Highly motivated candidates should hold a PhD in materials science or physics. Experience in scanning electron microscopy as well as fracture mechanics is appreciated.


    "In situ nano‐ and micromechanics investigating dislocation‐grainboundary interactions"

    The work will be focused on in situ experiments applying advanced characterization methods like synchrotron‐based micro Laue diffraction (μLaue) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM, EBSD, FIB). The PhD candidate will join an internationally recognized and highly motivated team of scientists involved in the field of micromechanics of materials.

    More information are available in the documents below (German and English version) and at www.mpie.de.

    Download « Postdoc_MicroFracture_Mo2BC_2018.pdf »

    Download « PhD_Grainboundaries_2018.pdf »

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  • This is a 3 years PhD position for METZ.

    More details below

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  • This is a 12 months Post Doc Position available in METZ.

    More details below.

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  • Subject:

    3D integration involves vertically stacking of several integrated circuits and establishing electrical connections between them. Although 3D interconnect technologies have obvious advantages and their manufacturing process has almost reached the status of mass production, there are several reliability issues, as is often the case in emerging technologies. Electromigration is one of those concerns.


    • PhD degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics; basics of microelectronic technologies with emphasis on 3D interconnect schemes will be a plus.
    • Good knowledge and interest in multiphysics (material science, mechanics, heat science), modeling (FEM [COMSOL especially], phase field method) is an asset.


    This internship will take place in the characterization and reliability lab. in conjunction with the simulation and modelling one in a technological and scientific research environment.

    For further information or for application, please contact Stéphane MOREAU (stephane-nico.moreau@cea.fr) and Olga CUETO (olga.cueto@cea.fr).

    More information on the subject and work description are available in the documents below :(French (Fr) and English (Gb) version)

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