• Empa is the research institute for materials science and technology of the ETH Domain and conducts cutting-edge research for the benefit of industry and the well-being of society.

    The Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures is looking for :

    - Post-doc’s in the field of mechanical properties of thin films and miniature components:

    Your tasks:

    You will work on research projects funded by the InnoSuisse agency and by large scale European programs to scientifically explore mechanical properties of thin films and miniature components. The project is in close collaboration with a former start-up company on the same campus that develops nanomechanical testing equipment for extreme testing conditions of variable temperature and high speeds. You’ll be involved in a number of projects running in other groups of the laboratory that aim at the synthesis of novel thin films based on atomic layer deposition, physical vapor deposition or electrochemical deposition techniques, that engineer miniature components such as watch or MEMS components or that manufacture miniature components via 3D printing approaches. Outstanding candidates will also be given the opportunity to apply to a number of prestigious fellowships during their employment at Empa.

    Your profile:

    You must hold a PhD in Physics, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Microengineering or similar. Experience in one or more of the following techniques is a requirement: nanoindentation, small scale mechanical testing such as microcompression testing, finite element simulations. A high motivation to work at the leading edge of measurement science and to work in international and multidisciplinary research teams are essential. Knowledge of English (oral and written) is important and knowledge of German would be an advantage.

    For further information about the position please contact: Dr. Johann Michler, Johann.Michler@empa.ch and visit the following websites: www.empa.ch/web/s206

    Online application including a letter of motivation, CV, diplomas with transcripts and contact details of two referees. Please upload the requested documents through the webpage. Applications via email will not be considered.

  • The Nanomechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development VII conference will be held from September 29th to October 4th, in Malaga, in Spain.


    This conference bring together people working in the field of nano- and micromechanical testing in materials research. The mechanical behavior of materials is typically controlled by processes that span several length and time scales. There has been a rapid expansion of available testing strategies in recent years to examine elastic, plastic, fracture and fatigue properties at multiple length scales, with control of loading mode, temperature and atmosphere, including imaging in real-time.

    Oral abstract deadline: 1st April, 2019 1st May, 2019 

    Poster abstract deadline: 15th April, 2019 15th May, 2019

    More information on the conference and abstract submission can be found here.

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  • A one-year post-doctoral position is available at the Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites (LPAC, Institute of Materials, EPFL).


    The objective is to analyze the mechanical integrity of Parylene-based hybrid multilayer materials, in close collaboration with the EPFL Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces (LSBI)and the company Comelec.

    He or she will integrate a team of specialists in thin film devices processing and characterization and will be responsible for:

    • The experimental characterization of the multilayer structures and their mechanical and diffusion barrier properties using state of the art methods;

    • The optimization of the multilayer structure in view of their application to soft bioelectronic devices.


    The candidate must possess a solid background in materials science, with a good knowledge of thin film mechanics. And mastering of the English language is required.


    Applications including a CV, a motivation letter and the names and contact details of three reference persons should be directed to: Dr. Yves Leterrier, yves.leterrier@epfl.ch.

    More information in the following document : « LPAC-EPFL Postdoctoral position on multilayer thin film devices.pdf »

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  • Descritption du poste :

    - Enseignement:

    La personne recrutée effectuera son enseignement dans les différentes formations de l’institut Galilée, aussi bien en Licence et Master qu’en formation d’ingénieurs. Elle sera intégrée au sein du département de physique, qui regroupe les enseignements de physique générale et appliquée (électronique, traitement du signal, réseaux). Elle devra s’investir particulièrement dans les enseignements généraux de physique, notamment dans le parcours aménagé de Licence 1ère année destiné aux étudiants ayant obtenu une réponse "Oui Si" via ParcourSup. Des compétences en physique appliquée, par exemple en électronique analogique et/ou numérique ainsi qu’en instrumentation, seront également appréciées. A la rentrée 2019, elle sera appelée à assurer la supervision et la coordination des enseignements de physique du 1er semestre de licence.

    Lieux : Département de Physique à l'Institut Galilée.

    Contact: Luc Museur , luc.museur@univ-paris13.fr.


    Le Professeur des Universités recruté développera ses activités de recherche au sein du LSPM sur le site de l’Institut Galilée de l’université Paris 13. Il viendra soutenir les activités de recherche portant sur la caractérisation de films minces et matériaux nanostructurés. Le candidat devra mener des recherches expérimentales originales sur les problématiques liées aux propriétés mécaniques ou/et magnétiques de films minces et nanostructures et le cas échéant de leur couplage. Le projet devra comporter des développements instrumentaux permettant de sonder les propriétés statiques et/ou dynamiques de ces systèmes fonctionnels.

    Laboratoire d’accueil: Laboratoire des Sciences des Procédés et des Matériaux (LSPM-CNRS).

    Contact: Dominique Vrel, dominique.vrel@lspm.cnrs.fr.

    Plus d'informations dans le document ci-joint: « PR28 Université Paris 13 - LSPM.pdf »

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  • Subject: "Multi-scale modeling of UO2 plasticity: on the role of irradiation defects"

    Description: The main goal of the PhD is to develop a constitutive model based on dislocation interactions with irradiation loops. This model is needed to compute inelastic strains induced at high temperature and under irradiation. First, dislocation mobility and reactions between defects will be characterized using the atomic scale LAMMPS molecular dynamics (MD) package. Then, atomistically-informed dislocation dynamics (DD) simulations will be performed at the grain scale to quantify strain hardening induced by irradiation defects.

    The Ph.D will be done in the framework of a collaboration between INSA-Lyon (jonathan.amodeo@insa-lyon.fr), the University of Lyon (david.rodney@univ-lyon1.fr) and the CEA at Cadarache (bruno.michel@cea.fr, emeric.BOURASSEAU@cea.fr).

    Application: CV and application letters should be sent to david.rodney@univ-lyon1.fr, jonathan.amodeo@insa-lyon.fr, bruno.michel@cea.fr.

    More information in the following document :

    En - «These_THOT_eng.pdf »

    Fr - «These_THOT_fr.pdf »

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