• Post doctoral position: Innovative experimental approach of chemo-mechanical couplings at FEMTO-ST, France

    This post-doctoral position is to be held at FEMTO-ST (www.femto-st.fr), within the Dpt. Of Applied Mechanics. FEMTO-ST is a joint research unit which is affiliated with the French National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS), the University of Franche-Comté (UFC), the National School of Mechanical Engineering and Microtechnology (ENSMM), and the Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (UTBM).

    Scientific context:

    This part of the CAVHYTATION project is intended to provide new insights in chemo-mechanical couplings at the microscale, in order to assess the potentialities of innovative micromechanical sensors. Micromechanical structures have been realized and a dedicated surface chemistry is under validation in order to provide a representative model system. As a post-doc in the PMMCM group, you will be in charge of two innovative experiments intended to probe the fine-scale deformation of the structures when their surface undergoes a chemical modification. One of these experiments is to be conducted together with a group operating at SOLEIL. These fine-scale displacements are crucial to elucidate the role of the material in the chemo-mechanical transduction.

    Required qualifications:

    The applicant is expected to have significant background and extensive experience as experimentalist. Experience in multidisciplinary environments would be greatly appreciated. Excellent communication skills as well as a team-oriented attitude are requested

    Further information may be obtained from Fabien Amiot (fabien.amiot@femto-st.fr).

    Information on duration and application are available in the following document: « profile_cavhytation.pdf »

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