• Post-Doctoral position at SIMaP, in partnership with Institut Néel in Grenoble, France

    A 12 months post-doctoral position is available in SIMaP in partnership with Institut Néel in Grenoble.

    Title: "Optimal compositions for Multicaloric materials: ferromagnetic memory shape alloys (NiMnXY)"

    Project: The project aims at developping new compositions for ferromagnetic shape memory alloys with multifunctional properties enabling new energy conversion process (mechanical / magnetic). These materials target energy reduction scheme for cooling devices (multicaloric properties (magneto/elasto)). Heusler based alloys NiMn(InX, X=Co, Cu, Fe...) exhibit exceptional properties, including the absence of rare earth elements. Multicaloric effects and the phase transition temperature (close to room temperature) are very sensitive to alloy composition. Dissipation during hysteresis cycle have to be decreased. These dissipations are due to structural effects allowing lattice strain accomodation between the phases during the (austenite-martensitic) transformation. Moreover, intermetallic NiMnXY phases are very fragile (grain boundary decohesion) and difficult to shape (lack of crystal plasticity and strong anisotropy of properties).

    Please send Curriculum and recommandation letters to:

    Marc VERDIER : marc.verdier@grenoble-inp.fr - SIMaP

    Laureline PORCAR : laureline.porcar@neel.cnrs.fr - Institut Néel

    More information can be found in the document below : (Fr & En)

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