• Position in electron microscopy at IMDEA Materials Institute, Madrid, Spain

    IMDEA Materials (Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies of Materials) is seeking for an innovative and skilled microscopist able to contribute to the application of advanced microscopy techniques (FIB, SEM, EBSD, EDS, TEM) to the characterization of materials, including the use of these techniques to carry out in-situ mechanical tests at the micro and nanoscale.

    The selected candidate will assist other researchers (including external users) in the use of the microscopy facilities, will manage the electron microsocopy lab,  and will be encouraged to develop his own research lines in the area of electron microscopy.


    Candidates should have a PhD in Materials Engineering or Physics.

    The applicant must be an experienced transmission electron microscopist, with accredited experience in:

    • High-resolution electron microscopy (HREM).
    • Electron diffraction and CBED analysis.
    • BF/DF imaging, including weak-beam conditions for dislocation/interface analysis.
    • STEM HAADF and chemical mapping.
    • TEM tomography.

    A good background in the use of SEM, EBSD and FIB, as well as in nanomechanical testing, will be strongly valued.

    Fluent English is required.

    More information and application at the following link: http://jobs.materials.imdea.org/offer/104

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