• PhD position in join project between CRHEA (Sophia Antipolis) and CEA-LETI (Grenoble)

    Subject: Modélisation et caractérisation des effets de nano-compliance pour la croissance épitaxiale localisée de GaN sur substrats Si.


    In order to decrease the dislocation density induced by the different crystalline structures between the nitride semiconductor layers and the Si substrates they are grown onto, one often uses localised epitaxy methods. However, these result in the formation of other defects arising between the adjacent nucleation centers.  We have developed an original localised epitaxy method by which the crystallites are deposited onto deformable nano-pilars, allowing these crystallites to join without creating any defect. The PhD work we propose aims at a better understanding, for a better control, of the mechanical and thermo-mechanical processes at pla  during this process of nano-pendeo compliant epitaxy. This will be dealt with using finite element models so as to predict the mechanical behaviour of these complex nano-structured systems and by using an ensemble of structural nano-characterization tools for assessing the defect and strain distribution in the materials. From the reduction of defects in the epitaxial layers, we expect to address some of the main issues for a number of important applications related to these nitride materials in the opto- and micro-electronic domains.


    Guy Feuillet : guy.feuillet@cea.fr / Jesus Zuniga Perez : Jesus.Zuniga.Perez@crhea.cnrs.fr

    Patrice Gergaud : patrice.gergaud@cea.fr / Philippe Vennéguès : Philippe.Vennegues@crhea.cnrs.fr

    For further information please contact the person mentioned above, or download the following document: « Sujet Thèse CHREA-LETI 2021-2024.pdf »

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