• PhD Position CEMES-Toulouse / PPrime Poitiers: deformation mechanisms in advanced superalloys


    Supervision: Jonathan Cormier (Pprime Institute, Poitiers), Florence Pettinari-Sturmel (CEMES-Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)

    Financial support: MESR Grant (starting on November 1th, 2020 ; 3 years duration).

    Keywords : Ni-based superalloys, Mechanical properties, Tensile tests, Deformation micro-mechanisms, Dislocations, Transmission electron microscopy.

    Subject and challenge of the project: Single crystal nickel-based superalloys are widely used for aero- engines components, because of their superior high temperature mechanical resistance in order to fulfill several requirements: i) a high !' solvus temperature; ii) a high amplitude of !/!' mismatch; iii) a density as low as possible and iv) a good phase stability.  A new-generation Pt-containing superalloy has been developed between ISAE-ENSMA/Institut Pprime and SAFRAN in France . This new alloy is considered as a potential alloy for future airfoils.

    The aim of this study is thus to concentrate the efforts on the tensile behavior understanding. Tensile tests will be performed at a given temperature (in the range 500 °C 800 °C) for the three SXs (CMSX-4 Plus, TMS-238 and TROPEA), which differ in chemical composition. The final goal will be to confirm the effect of the chemical composition and to understand how it influences the controlling deformation parameters.

    The experimental approach will consist in the realization of tensile tests at ISAE-ENSMA/Institut Pprime (Poitiers) during the first year. A complete analysis of the microstructure and the deformation micromechanisms will be carried out at CEMES using Transmission Electron Microscopy (conventional TEM, in situ TEM tensile tests, TEM spectroscopies: EELS and EDX), during the next two years. The final goal is to identify and quantify the physical parameters controlling the tensile properties at temperature lower than 800 °C for different SXs.

    More details here


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