• PhD position at CEMES-CNRS, Toulouse, France

    Thesis: In situ TEM study of elementary plasticity mechanisms. 

    Project: MuDiLingo, a EU-ERC project awarded to S. Sandfeld, (U. Freiberg, Germany) is approaching the plasticity problems in a totally new way, digging experimental data from dynamic experiments and turning them into time-resolved strain or energy fields.

    In the frame of this project, this thesis will focus on observing elementary mechanisms of the plasticity in High Entropy Alloys (HEA) and twinned Copper, with the objective of gaining quantitative information on the way they unfold. The choice of these two materials are dictated by the puzzling resistance to deformation of face centered cubic (fcc) HEA, and by the still poorly known understanding of dislocations/grain boundaries (GB) interaction.

    Within the 3-years contract, the successful applicant will acquire the necessary knowledge to perform in-situ TEM experiment in a world-class laboratory in this field (CEMES-CNRS, Toulouse). Statistical data on the above mentioned mechanisms will serve to build a database of events, classifying those from the least to the most probable and fuelling data analysis that will be performed in Freiberg.

    Applications should be sent to marc.legros@cemes.fr. Solid basis in materials science and a good knowledge of crystallography are required. The position is opened immediately.

    For futher information, see document attached below:



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