• The Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH (MPIE), located in Düsseldorf, Germany, is dedicated to basic research on advanced materials. The Department Structure and Nanomechanics of Materials (Prof. G. Dehm) is searching for an experienced researcher to become Group Leader (TVÖD 13-14) for the Thin Film & Nanostructured Material Synthesis Facilities.

    The candidate has obtained a PhD in physics/chemistry/materials science and expertise in at least one of the following fields: Magnetron sputtering, thin film evaporation, molecular beam epitaxy, multilayer growth, microstructure analyses, material properties.

    The position is intended for 5 years. The candidate is expected to perform cutting-edge research in the field of nanostructured materials or thin film materials science, and to establish and lead a research group in this field. This includes taking care of the physical vapor deposition activities and supervising students and postdocs in this research area.

    Applicants should send resume, publication list, a one page research plan, and recommendation references to bewerbungskennziff.4020@mpie.de .

    Deadline for the application is 2 May 2018.

    More information available in the document below:

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  • Subject: Characterization and Modeling of Dopant Diffusion Under Process-Induced Stress.


    The aim of the PhD is to reliably predict the impact of manufacturing process-induced stress on junction profile modification and subsequent electrical parameters shifts on sub-micrometric electronic active devices. The job will involve physical and electrical characterization of dedicated, previously designed simple test structures with a view to assessing the nature and magnitude of mechanical stress and dopant diffusion. A critical review and improvement (if necessary) of state-of-the-art stress-dependent dopant diffusion models will pave the way to an accurate Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) simulation of realistic (that is, manufactured) electronic devices.

    It will be performed in strong partnership with STMicroelectronics.

    Candidate profile:

    The ideal candidate has a Master Degree in Material Sciences (or equivalent), a solid background in semiconductor physics, good communication skills and is proficient in written and spoken English.

    PhD Advisor: Pr. Olivier Thomas; Email: olivier.thomas@im2np.fr; Laboratory: IM2NP (http://www.im2np.fr/); Industry: STMicroelectronics, Rousset–France (http://www.st.com); Funding: CIFRE (3 years); Location: Marseille (France), Rousset (France)

    Applications should be sent by email to Prof. Olivier THOMAS (olivier.thomas@im2np.fr) and/or Dr. Roberto SIMOLA (roberto.simola@st.com)

    Deadline: June 1st,2018; Starting year: 2018

    More information available in the document below:


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  • Un poste de post-doctorant est disponible au CIRIMAT à Toulouse en collaboration avec la société SAFRAN/Nacelles.


    L'objectif de ce travail de post-doctorat vise à une meilleure compréhension et à une prévision de l'endommagement en fatigue de l'alliage après vieillissement. Pour ce faire, dans un premier temps les mécanismes d'endommagement en fatigue seront étudiés à partir d'une revue bibliographique et en exploitant les résultats d'essais de fatigue déjà réalisés au laboratoire (exploitation des courbes d'essais, caractérisation d'éprouvettes sélectionnées, essais complémentaires si nécessaire) et chez le partenaire industriel. Dans un deuxième temps un modèle prédictif de l'évolution de l'endommagement en fatigue, en fonction des conditions de vieillissement sera proposé. Ce modèle basé sur les mécanismes observés sera validé sur la base de l'ensemble des données expérimentales disponibles chez Safran Nacelles.

    Le poste sera disponible dès le mois de juin 2018 pour une durée de 18 mois.

    Envoyer un CV détaillé, une lettre de motivation, ainsi que des lettres de recommandation.

    N'hésitez pas à prendre contact (avant même une candidature formelle) :

    -Bernard Viguier; Bernard.viguier@ensiacet.fr (CIRIMAT)

    -Anne Mahieu; anne.mahieu@safrangroup.com (Safran Nacelles)

    Plus d'informations disponible dans le document ci-dessus:


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  • The MNO group of IM2NP at Aix-Marseille Université offers a PhD thesis focusing on the mechanical and piezoelectric properties of semiconductor (GaN, ZnO) nanowires. Details below.


    Dr. Michaël Texier (michael.texier@univ-amu.fr)

    Dr. Thomas Cornelius (thomas.cornelius@im2np.fr)  

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  • Subject: "Multi-scale modeling of UO2 plasticity: on the role of irradiation defects"

    Description: The main goal of the Ph.D thesis is to develop a constitutive model based on dislocation interactions with irradiation defects. This model is needed to compute inelastic strains induced at high temperature and under irradiation. First, interaction between defects will be characterized using the LAMMPS molecular dynamics (MD) package. Then, atomisticallyinformed dislocation dynamics (DD) simulations will be performed to quantify strain hardening induced by irradiation defects using the NUMODIS code. Finally, the constitutive law and its parameters will be integrated within the finite-element (FEM) framework developed at the laboratory.

    Application: CV and application letters should be sent to bruno.michel@cea.fr and jonathan.amodeo@insa-lyon.fr.

    For futher information on the subject, see document below:

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