• Gordon Research Conference on Nano-Mechanical Interfaces, Hong-Kong, July30-Aug4 2017

    The Nexus of Bio-, Nano-, Architecture, and Mechanics of Interfaces
    Topics and sessions will be centered around the fundamentals of small-scale material systems subjected to mechanical perturbation generated by a biological, chemical, or another nano-sized force. The point of departure for this meeting will be to stress the interdisciplinary and multi-scale nature of some of the most relevant nano-mechanics problems today. Of particular interest are topics on mechanotransduction of cells on substrates, properties of dissimilar interfaces - i.e. bio-nano, chemo-mechano, biological and bio-inspired materials, electrochemical interfaces relevant to energy storage, piezoelectric response, nano-optomechanical properties, and mechanics of architected materials. Multiple technological applications with these phenomena at their core require a thorough understanding of the mechanics of aforementioned

    Chairs : Julia R. Greer & Yuan Lin
    Applications (before July 2nd, 2017) and more information on : 

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