• A l’horizon de quelques mois se tiendra l’école thématique de la fiabilité et de la sûreté de fonctionnement des convertisseurs d’énergie. Cette rencontre se déroulera du 17 au 21 juin 2019 sur le site du village vacances de La Vieille Perrotine à Saint-Pierre d’Oléron, sur l’île d’Oléron.

    Vous êtes invités à suivre le lien ci-après pour réserver vos places, avant le 17 mai, à cette première édition soutenue par le CNRS et le GdR SEEDS :  https://fiabsurf.sciencescall.org

    Les intervenants et le comité scientifique travaillent dans huit laboratoires différents et dans des grands groupes industriels, assurant une répartition thématique et géographique à l'image de cette formation pluridisciplinaire.

    Les frais d'inscriptions proposés comprennent :

    - Le transport depuis La Rochelle.

    - L'hébergement en pension complète pendant 5 jours en chambre simple.

    - Le social event.

    - La formation.

    Les frais d'inscriptions sont de :

    - Doctorants/Etudiants : 350 €

    - Personnels CNRS : gratuit € (pris en charge par le CNRS, limité à 8 places)

    - Personnels organismes publics  : 450 €

    - Personnels organismes privés: 1000 €

    - Personne accompagnante : 380 € (hébergement, repas, transport, mais ne participe pas aux formations)

    Des attestations de participation seront remises, permettant aux doctorants de faire valoir leur présence dans le cadre de leur formation doctorale, et les personnels permanents peuvent solliciter le service de formation professionnelle de leur tutelle afin de prendre en charge leur participation sur le programme de formation interne. Sachez que le comité scientifique et d’organisation tente actuellement d’obtenir un numéro d'enregistrement d'organisme de formation professionnelle pour permettre une reconnaissance administrative de ces journées.

    Plus d'informations sont disponibles dans le document ci-dessous:

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  • The Nanomechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development VII conference will be held from September 29th to October 4th, in Malaga, in Spain.


    This conference bring together people working in the field of nano- and micromechanical testing in materials research. The mechanical behavior of materials is typically controlled by processes that span several length and time scales. There has been a rapid expansion of available testing strategies in recent years to examine elastic, plastic, fracture and fatigue properties at multiple length scales, with control of loading mode, temperature and atmosphere, including imaging in real-time.

    Oral abstract deadline: 1st April, 2019 1st May, 2019 

    Poster abstract deadline: 15th April, 2019 15th May, 2019

    More information on the conference and abstract submission can be found here.

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  • The Dislocations 2019 Conference, will be held on 15-20 September 2019, in Haifa, Israel.

    Dislocations 2019 is the sixth edition of the Dislocations conference series, which aims at bringing together researches with a common interest – studying dislocation properties and how to relate them to plastic deformation.  

    The conference attracts experienced and young researchers from different disciplines to discuss experimental observations, computer simulations and theoretical models of dislocations and plasticity. The latest results are presented during the single-session conference. Invited and contributed talks will be given during the conference days, including two poster sessions.

    The conference series started on June 2000 at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (MD, USA). Since then, “Dislocations” conferences were held at La Colle sur Loup (France) in 2004, Hong Kong in 2008, Budapest (Hungary) in 2011 and at West Lafayette, (IN, USA) on 2016. The next conference will be held in Haifa (Israel) during the week of 15-20 September 2019.

    Haifa, the port city in Northern Israel is the third largest city and one of the prettiest, built on the slopes of Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. We hope that you will take this opportunity to benefit from a stimulating scientific meeting and visit some of the interesting and unique sites in Haifa and in Israel.

    Abstracts submission will open by January 15, 2019.
    For more information visit the conference website: https://dislocations2019.net.technion.ac.il/
    Local Organizing Committee 
    Dan Mordehai – Conference Chairman, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
    Eugen Rabkin,
     Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
    Roni Shneck, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


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  • The Symposium on Processes & Materials for Nanoelectronics within the framework of EUROMAT Conference (https://euromat2019.fems.eu/) will be held from 1-5 September 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

    The abstract submission deadline is on 31 January 2019. Abstract submission site: https://euromat2019.fems.eu/abstracts-submission/

    The aim is to create a forum for discussion of disruptive technologies and of more traditional ones. Along these lines the topics will include, but will not be limited, to the following:

    - Channel semiconductor materials: strained-Silicon, (strained-)Ge, SiGe alloys, GaN, III-V, 2-D materials

    - Materials for non-volatile memory devices: PCM, Oxides

    - Ferroelectrics and insulating materials

    - Magnetic materials for MTJ and related devices

    - Emerging novel processes: growth, fabrication, doping, stress

    - Advanced characterization techniques: composition, defects, dopants, stress

    - Materials and processing related to architecture: planar (Silicon-On-Insulator) vs 3D (multi-gate, nanowires)

    - Gate-stack materials for future switching devices 

    - Resistive RAM materials and devices

    - Materials, processing, and characterization for TFET, SET, SAT

    - Physical modelling of processes and devices

    The Symposium Organizers:

    Dimitris Tsoukalas (National Technical University of Athens) 

    Alain Claverie (CEMES/CNRS, Toulouse)

    Marco Fanciulli (University of Milano - Bicocca) 

    Mikael Östling (KTH Stockholm)

    For more information please visit:  https://euromat2019.fems.eu/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2018/10/C11-20181014.pdf

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  • The 14th international conference Local Mechanical Properties will be held in Prague, November 6-8, 2019.

    The meeting will provide an opportunity to highlight recent results of research and development in the field of local mechanical testing, micromechanics, materials engineering, experimental methods, modeling and important industrial applications, with the aim to characterize mechanical properties of materials from nano- to micro/meso-scale.

    Contributions on indentation and methods for hardness and other mechanical properties assessment, measurement of deformations and stresses, time-dependent properties with related microstructure analyses (TEM/SEM, AFM,TERS, etc.) regardless of material type (metals, ceramics, plastics, biomaterials, concrete, etc.) are welcome. Contributions containing combination of the techniques and micro-structurally motivated material models are highly appreciated. However, contributions related to large scale mechanical properties are out of the scope of the conference.

    List of confirmed invited speakers:

    • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Dehm, director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH in Düsseldorf and professor at the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum.
    • Prof. Dr. Mike Swain, professor of Bio-engineering and Biomaterials at the Don State Technical University in Rostov on Don in Russia as well as Emeritus Professor at Sydney University.

    List of confirmed keynote speakers (more will be announced later):

    • Prof. Ján Dusza, DrSc., Institute of Materials Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences.
    • Dr. Michael Griepentrog, BAM Berlin, Department of Materials Protection and Surface Technologies.
    • Mgr. Petr Klapetek, Ph.D., CMI Brno, Department of Nanometrology.

    Confirmed participating companies are (more will be announced later): Anton Paar, Edlin, MT Morava.

    Interested exhibitors and sponsor are asked to contact chair@lmp-conference.cz

    More information are available in the document: « LMP2019_call for abstracts.pdf » , and following : lmp-conference.cz

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