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  • AFC 2020, ce seront 16 sessions autour des groupes thématiques – biologie, chimie, physique – et des axes transverses – croissance cristalline, enseignement et médiation, grands instruments – de l’AFC ainsi que les sciences de la Terre et toutes les interfaces entre ces disciplines.

    Trois conférences plénières, des ateliers, des sessions posters, des plages de rencontres avec les exposants, une conférence grand public, quelques surprises ainsi qu’un dîner de gala sur les hauteurs du fort de la Bastille sont également prévus.

    Ce congrès de l’AFC sera aussi l’occasion de la remise du premier prix «André Guinier», des prix de thèse et de la tenue de l’assemblée générale.

    Plus d'informations disponibles à l'adresse suivante: https://afc2020.afc.asso.fr/

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  • The yearly conférence "Plasticité" (mainly French community) will take place in Toulouse, from March 30th to April 1st. Submission are already opened:


    (Account at sciencesconf.org needed)


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  • We would like to draw your attention to the symposium N on “Advanced small-scale mechanical characterization: strength, plasticity, fracture and fatigue”, which is organized for you with support from the GdRI Mecano Network.

    It will take place during the upcoming spring meeting of the European Materials Research Society (Strasbourg, May 25-29, 2020). We are looking forward to your active participation!

    Contributions from PhD students are highly encouraged, as several awards are planned for the best student talks and posters of the symposium.

    Hot topics:

    • Small-scale plasticity, fracture and fatigue testing
    • Advances in in-situ and ex-situ micro/nanomechanical testing
    • Recent advances in characterization methods, including TEM, SEM, AFM, synchrotron techniques
    • Advances in numerical technical methods
    • Complex loading situations
    • Applications to nuclear materials
    • Applications to nano-objects, thin films and bulk nanostructured materials
    • Applications to crystalline, amorphous or hybrid materials


    More information and submission at:



    The abstract submission for talks and posters is opened until January 15, 2020.

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  • Symposium on “ Advanced modelling techniques: scale bridging” at the EMMC17,  in Madrid (Spain). It will be held from May 27th to May 29th, 2020. 

    Short description: 

    Multi-scale techniques and scale bridging play a key role in connecting the macroscopic behaviour of materials directly to the material microstructure and elementary deformation processes. Many different classes of scale bridging methods have been developed for this purpose, from the atoms to the continuum scale. These generally involve multiple disciplines, e.g., engineering, computational mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and so on. This session is intended as a forum for bringing together scientists from different disciplines working on multi-scale techniques and scale-bridging problems in mechanics of materials, including both spatial, as well as temporal scales.

    The topics to be addressed in this session include (but are not limited to):

    • homogenization-based methods, e.g. mathematical homogenization, computational homogenization etc.
    • atomistic-to-continuum coupling methods (e.g. the quasi-continuum method)
    • dislocation Dynamics based methods (e.g. DD-FEM coupling) 
    • embedded domain methods, domain decomposition methods, global-local techniques
    • heterogeneous multi-scale method (HMM), equation-free method
    • coarse graining methods
    • atomic time scale extension techniques
    • methods for phenomena with (partially) non-separating scales, e.g. localization, damage and fracture or transient phenomena
    • methods for coupled multi-field phenomena (e.g. thermo-chemo-electro-mechanical etc.)
    • model reduction techniques and reduction of computational costs associated with multiscale algorithms


    More information : http://www.emmc17.org/symposium-s16.html

    Deadline for the abstract submission is on December 3rd, 2019. December 16th,2019.

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