• Collaboration - IEMN in Lille is looking for 4-points bend technique expert group, France

    They are studying the adhesion of thin SiCN films (40 to 120nm thick) deposited on Cu (a few µm) itself deposited on a 300mm Si substrate (550µm thick). They especially focus on the impact of the SiCN deposition process (and surface preparation) on the final adhesion energy.

    They use an original approach based on the Colored Picosecond Acoustic Technique to evaluate adhesion in a quantitative manner. Such a technique uses ultra high frequency acoustic waves to probe the interface quality. they would like to compare our results to those obtained using a well-recognized technique like 4 points bend adhesion testing.

    They are looking for a research group to collaborate with on that subject. An expertise on 4 points bend technique and especially applied to microelectronic samples and ultra-thin films is preferred.

    Preliminary 4 points bending measurements on similar samples revealed an adhesion energy in the range 2 to 20 J/m2 . Those results have been obtained using a force not higher than 50 N and the displacement was in the range 60-80 µm before delamination.

    For more information, or collaboration please contact Dr. Arnaud Devos, at IEMM, Lille in France (arnaud.devos@isen.fr)

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